©2019 by Oleg Shpudeiko. 

Selected Discography  



Iridescent, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2018.

How We Lived, with Matt Finney, Flenser Records, vinyl & digital, 2017.


Anthem, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2017.

Bound OST, Sony Interactive Entertainment, vinyl and digital, 2016.

The Sun Will Rise Yet We Won't Be Here, digital single, 2010.

Sway, Sway, digital single, 2013.

A Night is a Flash, NEN records, tape, 2016.

Air, Fluttery, CD, 2015.

Ain’t No Night, with Matt Finney, Paradigms Recordings, CD, 2012 



Music for a video game by Plastic/Sony Santa Monica.

Released 2016, Sony Playstation 4.

A Thread​

Music for a choreography performance by Jean Abreu Dance.

Southbank Centre, Lendon, UK, 2016.


A fusion of tap dance and modular synthesis
choreography performance with Volodymyr Shpudeiko

Well Trained Songs

Songs with lyrics generated by a Recurrent Neural Network. 
With Alexey Shmurak and Judy Leuven.

Premiered at Kyiv Poetry Week, 2018.  
Photo by Lena Samoylenko.

Rare Birds

Sound installation at Rybalsky bridge (open city space). 
With Alexey Shmurak. CCA Foundation, Kyiv 2018.
Photo by Sasha Kovalenko.


Site specific electroacoustic performance 
and immersive sound installation at Kyiv balneal clinic. 

With Alexey Shmurak.
Ukho concert agency, 2018. 
Photo by Zhenya Perutska.

Performance in Nine Chapters

Structured improvisation with performative elements.
 With Alexey Shmurak. ADK, Berlin, 2018. 
Photo by Ivan Napreenko.

Sylvestrov 80

With Alexey Shmurak and Mark Buloshnikov,

audiovisual performance 
dedicated to Valentyn Silvestrov, 
Ukho concert agency (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2017. 
Photo by Zhenya Perutska.

Queen of the Night

Electroacoustic performance.

With Alexey Shmurak

Urban Music Hall, Odessa, 2018.

Photo by Zhenya Perutska.


Yet the day is not changed by day
with Alexey Shmurak
site specific musical performance, Porto Franko Festival, (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine), 2017.

Orange Songs
with Alexey Shmurak
song deconstruction / spatial performance, Ukho concert agency (Kyiv, Ukraine), 2017.

Music for Kyiv Poetry Week Opening
with Alexey Shmurak, structured improvisation with live poetry (Kyiv Poetry Week, Plivka, Kyiv, Ukraine) 2016.

with Kyiv Piano Duo
video and electronics for ‘Planets’ by Gustav Holst (Gogolfest, Kyiv, Ukraine) 2015.

The Glass Bead Game
with Alexey Shmurak and Dariya Kuzmich (visual artist) 
audiovisual multidisciplinary structured improvisation (New music festival, UKHO music agency,  Kyiv, Ukraine) 2014.

with Alexey Shmurak
electroacoustic improvisation / acoustic ecology research (Closer, Kyiv, Ukraine) 2014.

​Symphony of Machines
with Alexey Shmurak and Marina Osnach (VJ)
audiovisual structured improvisation (START, Kyiv, Ukraine) 2013.

with Alexey Shmurak
live music for "Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari" film, 1920, Robert Wiene (START, Kyiv, Ukraine) 2013.

Six Parts of Irreversible
with Alexey Shmurak
electroacoustic structured improvisation (GEZ21, St. Petersburg, Russia) 2013.

City Pouring
with Alexey Shmurak, Marina Osnach (VJ),
audiovisual structured improvisation (Goethe-Institut,  Kyiv, Ukraine) 2013.

with Matt Finney
music for a photo exhibition of Olia Pischanska, Korobchinsky Art Centre (Odessa, Ukraine) 2011.