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Selected Discography

Kyiv Eternal, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2023.

Jubilee & Knell, with Matt Finney, Opal Tapes, cassette & digital, 2021.

Madrigals, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2020.


Iridescent, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2018.


How We Lived, with Matt Finney, Flenser Records, vinyl & digital, 2017.

Anthem, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2017.

Bound OST, Sony Interactive Entertainment, vinyl and digital, 2016.

Awards & Nominations

Bound video game won the Digital Dragons Best Game Audio award 2017.


Madrigals was shortlisted for the Aprize music award 2020.


Madrigals was shortlisted for the Shevchenko National Prize 2022.

Selected Works

Aves Rubrae a composition commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), 2023.

Millefleura site-specific sound installation for the Tripolar III exhibition. Ukho music agency. Hotel de la Salle, Paris, 2022.

The Labour of Witnessing — sound design for Asia Bazdyrieva's war diary. Geocinema: The Making of Earths exhibition at the Kahán Art Space, Vienna, 2022.

The Wall — a reactive ballet in collaboration with Illia Miroshnichenko. Insha Dance Company, 2021.

The Eavesdropped Museum — a sound art intervention for the National Art Museum of Ukraine. With Alexey Shmurak. NAMU fund, Kyiv 2020

SynthTap — a reactive performance fusing tap dance and modular synthesis. In collaboration with Volodymyr Shpudeiko, 2018.


Rare Birds — a sound installation at Rybalsky bridge. With Alexey Shmurak. CCA Foundation, Kyiv 2018.

Nightingale — a site-specific electroacoustic performance and immersive sound installation at Kyiv balneal clinic. In collaboration with Alexey Shmurak. Ukho music agency, 2018. 


BOUND OST - original score for the Bound video game by Plastic/Sony Santa Monica 2016.




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