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Video: Organa audiovisual performance excerpts with u-matic & telematique at CTM 2024 in Berlin.

A structured improvisation on a modular synthesiser, an instrument that Oleh sets up informed by the ongoing artistic Early music and modular synthesis research started in 2019 that enables him to improvise polyphony and monophony, borrowing techniques and ideas from medieval composers & theorists and contemporary fields of analogue synthesis & generative music. Organa live set explores the intersection between technology and the sacred, the Providence and Contingency, and is based on the high medieval polyphony and monophony with a focus on organa of the XII-XIII century Notre Dame school. 

Available options: 30'-45' solo live set; live set with a medieval portative organ player; audiovisual live set with visual artists u-matic & telematique; planetarium audiovisual live set with generative visual artists Sefa Sagir and Bartosz Wyszyński. 


Photo: Yasia Saienko portrait by Pavlo Yaremak.


Heinali, together with the singer Yasia Saienko, reimagines Hildegard von Bingen's music with the vocal sound production approaches of authentic Ukrainian folk singing and modular synthesis techniques drawing from high medieval polyphony and monophony that Oleh has been researching for the past five years. They bring to the fore the paradoxical viscerality inherent to Hildegard's visionary writing, employing it as a mirror historically distant and uncannily immediate at the same time to reflect and process the wartime experience and explore the new kind of raw spirituality emerging from it.

Available options: 45' live set; 

Kyiv Eternal

Video: Kyiv Eternal film excerpt by Maryna Osnach and Kachna Baraniewicz, 2023.

Heinali's 2023 album Kyiv Eternal is an emotionally charged tribute to his home city that juxtaposes pre-war field recordings of Kyiv with ambient 'memory loops' from his archive, an abstract audio journal that poetically untangles grief and loss. Kyiv Eternal video combines audio reworked from Heinali’s album with pre-war footage gathered via Ephemera and Unsound festival open calls and from friends and acquaintances, then assembled by Warsaw-based Ukrainian artist Maryna Osnach and Poland’s Kachna Baraniewicz.

Available options: 49' audio installation, 47' video installation.


Video: SynthTap performance/intervention excerpts .'A Good Man Is Hard To Find' art installation by Alexander Kutovoi. Kyiv, UKHO music agency, 2017.

A reactive fusion of tap dance and modular synthesis developed in collaboration with the Ukrainian tap dancer Volodymyr Shpudeiko. Tap dance is used as an input for generative music patch on a modular synthesiser.

Available options: 10'-30' choreographic performance.

Selected Discography

Kyiv Eternal, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2023.

Madrigals, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2020.


Iridescent, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2018.


How We Lived, with Matt Finney, Flenser Records, vinyl & digital, 2017.

Anthem, Injazero Records, vinyl & digital, 2017.

Bound OST, Sony Interactive Entertainment, vinyl and digital, 2016.

Awards and Nominations

Bound video game won the Digital Dragons Best Game Audio award 2017.


Madrigals was shortlisted for the Aprize music award 2020.


Madrigals was shortlisted for the Shevchenko National Prize 2022.

Articles and Lectures

And I Feel Dread, And I Feel Love - Reimagining Early Music at the End of Times

This talk at CTM 2024 explores the perils and wonders of working with mediaeval music in our times, its transhistoricity and alterity – including 13th-century compositions as time-dilating black holes, possessed synthesisers exploring the boundaries of divine determinism and catastrophic polyphony traversing the wartime reality. Heinali is a Ukrainian music composer and sound artist whose core practice reimagines Early music with a modular synthesiser, exploring intersections of the Providence and Contingency, the past and the present, technology and the sacred.


A guitar as a divining rod used to attract demons; possessed synthesisers examining the boundaries between Providence and Contingency; voices of angels joining choirs in reverberations of medieval cathedrals; a mind-altering resonance shared by megalithic chambers and Berlin clubs; electrical circuits as sacred writing and XII century polyphonic music as time dilating Black Holes. 2023.


A giant 1906 machine, and the Eurorack synth module it inspired. CDM, 2017.

The story of early tape music, microsound, and a Eurorack resurrection. CDM, 2017.

Other Works

Aves Rubrae 

music composition

commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), 2023


site-specific sound installation for the Tripolar III exhibition.

Ukho music agency. Hotel de la Salle, Paris, 2022.

The Labour of Witnessing

sound design for Asia Bazdyrieva's war diary.

Geocinema: The Making of Earths exhibition at the Kahán Art Space, Vienna, 2022.

The Wall

reactive ballet in collaboration with Illia Miroshnichenko.

Insha Dance Company, 2021.

The Eavesdropped Museum

sound art intervention for the National Art Museum of Ukraine. With Alexey Shmurak.

NAMU fund, Kyiv 2020


music education podcast and vlog series in collaboration with Alexey Shmurak

started in 2020.


Rare Birds

sound installation at Rybalsky bridge. With Alexey Shmurak.

CCA Foundation, Kyiv 2018.


site-specific electroacoustic performance and immersive sound installation at Kyiv balneal clinic.

In collaboration with Alexey Shmurak.

Ukho music agency, 2018. 



original score for the Bound video game

Plastic/Sony Santa Monica 2016.

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