©2019 by Oleg Shpudeiko. 

​Heinali is a moniker of Ukrainian music composer and sound artist Oleg Shpudeiko, working in the fields of electronic and electroacoustic music. 


​Self-taught, Oleg started his first eclectic experiments with music in 2003. His recent works are based on modular synthesis and processing, exploring generative music techniques in modular synthesis, with a special interest in counterpoint and polyphony.

Heinali is an author of critically acclaimed music for the Bound video game by Plastic/Sony Santa Monica (2016) and music A Thread choreography by Jean Abreu Dance, performed at Southbank Centre, London (2016). 

Since 2010 he's recording and releasing music with American poet Matt Finney. Matt's spoken word performance is often combined with overdriven guitar and electronics “flattened into a single drone”. Heinali and Matt Finney recorded 5 albums. Their latest "How We Lived" LP released on The Flenser has been described as “a soundtrack for fleeing in dreamlike slow motion from wolves across a frozen tundra” (Bandcamp Album of the Day).

In 2013 Oleg started a collaboration with a classically trained Ukrainian music composer and performer Alexey Shmurak.  Focusing on interdisciplinarity, together they realised numerous audiovisual performances, concerts, working in a close collaboration with video artists, poets and musicians. Their recent project Well Trained Songs, together with a singer-songwriter Judy Leuven, is  solely based on lyrics generated by a Recurrent Neural Network trained on top chart hits and reimagines traditional song genres and forms. Another project of Oleg and Alexey is Angel-Constructor. It is produced in collaboration with an Ukrainian poet Yanis Sinayko, artist Olga Gaidash and director Dima Kazakov and features a built from sratch computer game level based on illustrations and texts from a Sinayko's poetry book that is explored in real time during the performance with live music and sound design.

In 2016 Heinali started collaboration with a choreographer and actor Volodymyr Shpudeiko. Their SynthTap performance fuses tap dance and modular synthesis in the form of structured improvisation, with a strong focus on physicality of sound. The synthesizer is patched in a certain way that transforms the sound and allows the dance to generate music.

Heinali's works have been released on Injazero, Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Flenser, Fluttery, NEN, Paradigms and other labels. His music has been described as "avant-ambient" and “music that probably sounds best heard alone in a snowy wilderness” (THUMP).

Heinali has a long history of live performances at numerous venues and festivals, including Plivka, Art Arsenal, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Next Sound, Akademie der Künste. His live shows are often based on a process-oriented electronic improvisation employing modular synthesis and processing.

"Some of the most captivating music we've heard so far this year" — THUMP

"Darkly evocative" — Norman Records


"Full of ethereal beauty...emotive...haunting" — XLR8R 



"My ability with words basically fails to describe the complex emotions and sparse sounds of Air" — TO ELEVEN

"Something unique and beautiful" — A CLOSER LISTEN

"This is music for sex, music for death, music for life, music for meditation, music for every moment missed and every moment stolen. Staggering and beautiful" — DRUNKEN WEREWOLF

"Sombre, minimal and beautiful" — LURKER

“Achingly, longingly beautiful” — TERRORIZER

“This is genuinely something I’ve never heard before in music.” — THE NOISE FILTER

“So much raw-talent and emotion that many have no heard before.” — THE SOUND ALARM