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10-21.09.2024 France. TBA.

03.10.2024 Krakow, Poland. Гільдеґарда/Hildegard premiere with Yasia Saenko at Unsound.

01.11.2024 Berlin, Germany. Organa live at Kiezsalon x KCMD, Villa Elisabeth.

04.11.2024 Japan. TBA.


30.06.2024 Montabaur, Germany. Das Musilakishe Opfer, structured improvisation with Julia Vash and Maxim Kolomiiets. Atelier Farbform.

01.06.2024 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Kyiv Eternal video screening at Fiber Festival 2024.

31.05.-02.06.2024 Kyiv, Ukraine. Kyiv Eternal video installation at DOCU/SYNTHESIS, Ukho music agency.

(CANCELLED) 15.03.2024 Berlin. Organa live at RSO.Berlin.

23.02.2024 Berlin, Germany. Kyiv Eternal intervention at Kyiv Perennial.

31.01.2024 Berlin. Organa live at CTM Festival with u-matic & telematique. Radialsystem Halle.

31.01.2024 Berlin, Germany. Artist talk 'And I Feel Dread, and I Feel Love: Reimagining Early Music at the End of Times'. CTM Festival. Radialsystem Saal.

09.12.2023 Bonn, Germany. Discussion 'BELLIPHONIC BODIES: SOUNDSCAPES OF THE INVASION', with Óstov Collective, Natalia Revko.

25.11.2023 Milan, Italy. Organa live at Studio in Triennale. Studio X Fuori orario.

27.10.2023 Berlin, Germany. Organa live at TIES. Kantine am Berghain.

08.10.2023 Warsaw, Poland. Organa AV live at Festiwal Przemiany, Planetarium.

07.10.2023 Wroclaw, Poland. Organa live at Before Ambientalny.

06.10.2023 Krakow, Poland. Synthtap live with Beata Kędzia-Sowa.

05.10.2023 Graz, Austria. Organa Quadrupla premiere at Musikprotokoll.

04.10.2023 Krakow, Poland. Kyiv Eternal screening​.

02.10.2023 Budapest, Hungary. Heinali/Labus/Mohácsi improvisation

15.09.2023 Prague, Czechia. Heinali+Kristýna Kosíková live.

13.09.2023 Prague, Czechia. Begeisterung. Lecture at Meetfactory.

01.09.2023 Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Organa live at OperaEstate.

22.07.2023 Lucerne, Switzerland. Organa live at September Vin&Vinyl.

21.07.2023 Zürich, Switzerland. Organa live at Strom am Mittag.

14.07.2023 Adelaide, Australia. Organa live at Unsound Adelaide.

21.06.2023 Chemnitz, Germany. Organa live at Fête de la Musique at Jakobikirche.


18.06.2023 Warsaw, Poland. Ephemera. Kyiv Eternal AV show.

11.06.2023 Bonn, Germany. Organa live at WIDERSTAND DER KLÄNGE: Neue Musik aus der Ukraine.

(CANCELLED) 08.05.2023 Madrid, Spain. Primavera Sound Festival.

01.06.2023 Barcelona, Spain. Organa live at Primavera Sound Festival.

16.04.2023 Berlin, Germany. Organa live at Donau115.

14.04.2023 Vienna, Austria. Organa live at Künstlerhaus.

07.01.2023 Frankfurt, Germany. Organa live at Naxoshalle.

04.12.2022 Stuttgart, Germany. Liebestod live, with Aexey Shmurak. Theaterhaus Stuttgart. Ukho music agency.

02.12.2022 Leipzig, Germany. St. Lukaskirche.

14.11.2022 Paris, France. Organa live at Tripolar, Hôtel de La Salle.

12.10.2022 Krakow, Poland. Discussion: displacement. UNSOUND Festival.

11.10.2022 Krakow, Poland. Organa live at UNSOUND Festival.

06.10.2022 Cologne, Germany. The Wall reactive ballet. TanzFaktur.

04.10.2022 Graz, Austria. Organa live at Palais Attems. Steirischer herbst at manuskripte.

28.09.2022 Bratislava, Slovakia. Organa live at NEXT Festival.

08.09.2022 Vienna, Austria. Organa live at fluc + fluc wanne.

02.09.2022 Cologne, Germany. Organa live at Hochbunker Grüner Hof.

27.08.2022 Berlin, Germany. Electroacoustic intervention for the Alter Ratio ensemble. Berliner Dom.

25.08.2022 Hamburg, Germany. Electroacoustic intervention for the Alter Ratio ensemble. Kulturkirche Altona.

29.07.2022 Berlin, Germany. SynthTap performance. Zenner x Closer.

28.07.2022 Visaginas, Lithuania. The Wall reactive ballet.

13.07.2022 Cologne, Germany. The Wall reactive ballet. Sommerakademie, TanzFaktur.

29.06.2022 Leipzig, Germany. The Musical Offering, with Julia Vash, Maxim Kolimiiets, Johannes V. Buttlar.

02.04.2022 Lviv, Ukraine. Live from a bomb shelter

25.01.2022 Kyiv, Ukraine. How do Paintings Sound? A History of Music in Art. Lecture, with Alexey Shmurak. Avangarden Gallery.

26.10.2021 Kyiv, Ukraine. The Wall reactive ballet Ukrainian premiere. 

31.08.2021 Kyiv, Ukraine. Organa Live at St. Sophia. Bouquet Festival. 

09.04.2021 Q3AMBIENTFEST. Live stream.

09.12.2020 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at KORA. Live stream.

23.08.2020 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Ostriv Platform. Live stream.

01.08.2020 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at NATURA Festival.

03.05.2020 RudioVirico online music festival. Live stream.

24.04.2020 MEGOGO live stream.

16.02.2020 Kyiv, Ukraine. The Eavesdropped Museum sound art intervention opening with Alexey Shmurak. The National Art Museum of Ukraine.

28.12.2019 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Port Creative Hub. Eye Sea Studio exhibition.

18.11.2019 Odesa, Ukraine. Live at St. Paul's Kirche.

18.09.2019 Istanbul, Türkiye. Live at Neue! Step, Injazero label showcase.

31.08.2019 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at the Ukrainian Fashion Week. 

19.07.2019 Kyiv, Ukraine. SynthTap performance. 1+1 Morning TV Show. 

07.07.2019 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Kaleidoscopie.

18.05.2019 Kyiv, Ukraine. SynthTap performance. Strichka Festival.

06.04.2019 Kyiv, Ukraine. Modular Synthesis History and Polyphony lecture. DOM Master Klass.

07.04.2019 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live with Michael Balog. DOM Master Klass.

22.03.2019 Odesa, Ukraine. Live with Michael Balog.

09.03,2019 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Aristocrats Radio.

24.02.2019 Lviv, Ukraine. Live at Vedel School, with Michael Balog.

23.02.2019 Lviv, Ukraine. Modular Synthesis History and Polyphony lecture. Vedel School.

20.02.2019 Kyiv, Ukaine. Live at Pinchuk Art Centre.

16.12.2018 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Sofar Kyiv.

03.11.2018 Kyiv, Ukraine. SynthTap+Alexey Shmurak. Burning Man Decompression.

23.06.2018 Kyiv Ukraine. The Nightlingale, a site-specific concert with Alexey Shmurak. UKHO music agency.

06.06.2018 Odesa, Ukraine. The Queen of the Night, a site-specific concert with Alexey Shmurak. Urban Music Hall.

01.05.2018 Berlin, Germany. Nine Chapters performance with Alexey Shmurak. Akademie der Kunste, Underground und Improvisation Festival.

01.06.2018 Kyiv, Ukraine. SynthTap performance. NextSound at Book Arsenal Kyiv.

25.04.2018 Kyiv, Ukraine. Telharmonic, Morphagene, and the history of electronic music. Lecture, Plivka Art Centre.

16.12.2017 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Kontrapunkt. Plivka.

25.11.2017 Odesa, Ukraine. SynthTap performance at St. Pauls's Kirche.

28.10.2017 Kyiv, Ukraine. SynthTap performance at Art Arsenal. UKHO music agency.

30.09.2017 Kyiv, Ukraine. Silvestrov 80, a performance dedicated to Valentyn Silvestrov with Alexey Shmurak and Mark Buloshnikov. UKHO music agency, Plivka.

22.09.2017 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Next Sound.

16.09.2017 Kyiv, Ukraine. SynthTap performance. Caribbean Club.

20.08.2017 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at 20ft Radio.

30.06.2017 Kharkiv, Ukraine. Live at Art Area DK.

25.06.2017 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Live at Porto Franko, with Alexey Shmurak.

16.06.2017 Odesa, Ukraine. My Favourite Things, live at Odesa Literary Museum with Alexey Shmurak and Maxim Kolomiiets.

05.06.2017 Dnipro, Ukraine. Live at Construction Festival.

29.04.2017 Slavutych, Ukraine. Live at 86 Film Festival.

25.03.2017 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Plivka.

24.03.2017 Lviv, Ukraine. Live at Underground.

09.03.2017 Kyiv, Ukraine. Orange Songs concert with Alexey Shmurak. UKHO music agency, Plivka.

25.11.2016 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Kontrapunkt.

18.06.2016 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Plivka.

22.04.2016 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Mezzanine.

09.10.2015 Lviv, Ukraine. Live at Picasso. With Alexey Shmurak.

05.12.2014 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Next Sound.

14.10.2013 St. Petersburg, Russia. Live at GEZ21. With Alexey Shmurak.

28.03.2013 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Ivan Honchar Museum.

24.02.2013 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Start. 'Ambient Movie Night vol. 2'. AZH Promo.

15.09.2012 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Start 'Ambient Movie Night vol. 1'. AZH Promo.

11.02.2012 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Les Kurbas Theater. AZH Promo.

13.02.2012 Kyiv, Ukraine. Live at Start. AZH Promo.

20.08.2010 Dnipro, Ukraine. Live at Kvartyra.

29.10.2007. Moscow, Russia. Live at Sexton.

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