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Photo: Heinali live at Bouqet Kyiv Stage 2021. Alina Garmash and Vitaliy Mariash.

Oleh Shpudeiko is a music composer and sound artist who records as Heinali. His core practice reimagines Early music with a modular synthesiser, exploring intersections of the Providence and Contingency, the past and the present, technology and the sacred. Oleh writes music for games, films, choreography performances, creates sound art installations and performs live shows. Amongst his works is award-winning music for the video game BOUND by Plastic/Sony Santa Monica, the 2020 album MADRIGALS shortlisted for the Shevchenko National Prize, and compositions and sound art installations commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) and The Museum of Odesa Modern Art (MSIO). He has a long history of live performances, including appearances at venues and festivals such as CTM in Berlin, NEXT in Bratislava, Musikprotokoll in Graz, Primavera in Barcelona, Unsound in Krakow and Adelaide, Ephemera in Warsaw; Kyiv’s Plivka and Ukraine’s Next Sound festival. 

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